Dosha test

to determine the basic Ayurvedic type

Please tick the boxes for what applies to you in general (i.e. not just in the last few weeks).

Answer as spontaneously and honestly as possible. You can also tick or omit several times per line.

Physique light, slim, large or very small regular forms, medium build Well developed, rather broad structures
Skin dry, cool, veins well visible smooth, warm, pink, often acne, freckles soft, damp, cool, light
Hair dry, wiry, not very dense fine, soft,early grey, high hairline thick, soft, oily, dense, deep hairline
Nails brittle, narrow, irregular thin, soft, medium, regular thick, wide, regular
Eyes restless, dry, narrow, small Penetrating, photosensitive, medium steady, moist, large, quiet, shiny
Teeth irregular regular, medium regular, large
Appetite variable strongly moderate
Favorite food.... warm, sweet, nutritious, soup, cooked not too hot, sweet, extensive, raw food hot, sour spicy
Feeling thirsty medium strongly little
Bowel movement irregular, flatulence, not every day once or several times a day, soft, strong odour regular, well formed, bright, somewhat sluggish
Urine slight yellow or dark colouring yellow, strong urine odour hardly any colour or milky turbid
Sweat hardly strong with odour often cold sweat, low odour
Sleep easily disturbed, gets by with little medium but intense strong and persistent
Body weight low medium large
Comprehension fast good slow
Memory Good Short term medium Very good long term
Nervousness more often sometimes hardly
Self-confidence fluctuating good very good
Tolerates badly ... cold and windy weather Heat cold and humid weather
Mental properties enthusiastic, sensitive, creative spirited, critical, gifted Difficult to upset, tolerant
Her constitutional type is Vata.
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Your constitutional type is Pitta.
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Your constitutional type is Kapha.
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