Advent Kit

Advent is a time for reflection, a time for love and, above all, a time for you. In our European Ayurveda Advent Kit you will find everything you need to treat yourself to the portion of me-time you deserve.

Enjoy your Christmas ritual, surround yourself with positive energies and strengthen your body, mind and soul! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and make your home a place of peace.

By the way, the EA Advent Kit is also very suitable as a (pre-)Christmas gift for all those who are close to our hearts.

The kit contains:

  • The magical Christmas wooden candle - Let light into your life with affirmations that spread good vibes.
  • Feel-Good Tea - The fruity-aromatic tea blend lets your soul blossom again.
  • Trikatu spice blend - The spicy-hot blend of black pepper, pippali pepper and ginger heats up your digestive fire Agni and warms you from the inside out.
  • Incense set - Let positive energies into your home and aura. Feel how the scent calms your mind.
  • BALANCE-Magazine - Interesting facts, tips and information about Vata-Dosha and the World of European Ayurveda in one magazine - read yourself to a better version of yourself!
  • Energy Shot - The small vegan organic immune booster with the antiseptic and healing effect of turmeric, cinnamon and apple lets your health shine again!
  • Fragrance oil - pleasant fragrance inspires your soul and creates a relaxed atmosphere.



95,90  incl. VAT

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