YaconVera organic original juice - 200 ml

Fuel from Peru - the root of life.

Pharmos has revealed the secret of the Yacon root: the so-called root of life from the Peruvian Andes

has been a healthy food there for centuries.

Yacon supports the organism in building a balanced intestinal flora and keeping it in balance.

Yacon is really good food for all beneficial intestinal bacteria. It increases intestinal movements and therefore leads to good digestion.

Excess weight can be regulated. Nutrient absorption in the intestine improves. The balance of the blood sugar level is supported.

YACONVERA® BIO JUICE for a healthy intestine and for healthy skin.

Good to know The intestine has the largest nervous system after the brain.

Besides physical well-being and good looks, your emotional world is also in close communication with your belly.

Important After any antibiotic administration, it is important to rebalance the intestinal bacteria.

Thereby, the yacon root supports as a 100% natural and holistic food. The Yacon root is vegan, lactose & gluten free.

  • healthy intestine, healthy person, beautiful skin
  • Root of life from the high Andes of Peru. Organic certified
  • with intense light energy (biophotons) & high vibration
  • healthy nutrition for all beneficial intestinal bacteria
  • vegan, lactose & gluten free
  • Processed holistically when fresh. Natural
  • without preservatives & without genetic engineering
  • fair & responsible treatment of small farmers in the mountains of Peru

Recommended intake:

Drink in the morning and in the evening, before meals, a small sip each, 10-15 ml of Yacon Bio Ursaft.

For infants and young children we recommend 1 teaspoon per day.

Nutritional values (100g contain on average)

Brennwert                               231 kJ
Brennwert                               54 kcal
Fett                                         < 0,5 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren   < 0,1 g
Kohlenhydrate                         13 g
davon Zucker                        12 g
Ballaststoffe                            < 0,5 g
Eiweiß                                     < 0,5 g
Salz                                          < 0,01 g

Without additives. Without preservatives.

Shake well before use. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.

100% organic yacon root tuber primordial juice (naturally cloudy)

Amount: 200 ml ( 165,00 €* per 1 l)


33,00  incl. VAT

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